Djing and Webdesigning and Blogging – Different shades of my Life

Well, I had been missing online from the last few days because of my Fever. A string of stuffs happened with me. It was a good week indeed..though with the fever.

Am well now..and spinning regularly in the Club @Club ZerO the city of India. Its winter here and so gigs are pouring up. Spinned and Played at some private weddings. Yeah its the Big Fat Indian Wedding time.

This week Spinned at:

  • Hotel RajMahal
  • Hotel Vishwaratna
  • And the Residency at Club ZerO Mile.

I have some gigs coming up in these places:

  • Itanagar
  • Shillong
  • Guwahati
  • Mirza

I will soon update the dates..

And apart from currently working on

And well as going on with my Domain Flipping and Domain Parking.

Am getting unto the Domain business and developing other sites and blogs.

That’s all for today..will update soon.

With love..

ilLusive sAm (Samujjal Choudhury)


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