Christmas Gig Schedules

Wish you all a merry Christmas! These days had travelled from Shillong to Cherrapunjee to Guwahati…and still have to travel back to Itanagar for the gigs. 25th Dec – EDM Fest at Kachari Ghat (Guwahati) 26th Dec – Ladies Night in Hotel Dawanland (Itanagar) Hectic days… Catch ya all soon #theIndianDJ #blackdeed #ilLusivesAm #ilLusive #sAm

Online Addiction – Get out from the Internet

Sometimes it becomes numb when we become an Online Addict while making the virtual Internet, our comfy zone. At times its tiring..aches the body..changes the body clock food habits too. Back pains..headaches..Tiring, sore eyes are the common problems. You feel drowned out of the energy. You are cut out from the real human life. The body clock changes.You tend to live a vampire’s life…working online throughout the night and sleeping throughout the day. Food habits changetoo. You tend to eat a lot of junk food and drinks. It ruins our health in the long run. We need to get out once in a while..breathe in the fresh have fun with Mother Nature and a bunch of friends. Make it like the 90’s. Try to live like the 90’s once in a while. Don’t be an Online addict! …ilLusive sAm

Djing and Webdesigning and Blogging – Different shades of my Life

Well, I had been missing online from the last few days because of my Fever. A string of stuffs happened with me. It was a good week indeed..though with the fever. Am well now..and spinning regularly in the Club @Club ZerO the city of India. Its winter here and so gigs are pouring… Continue reading Djing and Webdesigning and Blogging – Different shades of my Life